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    Each tube of mask purchased will have a $1 donation sent to Safe Home Animal Rescue in Des Moines, IA, which is an organization we foster animals through in our home while they await adoption and a permanent, loving home. If you wish to learn more about this organization, or make a separate donation, please visit


    Made from distilled water, organic German chamomile hydrosol, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal, this traditional style clay mask helps soothe your skin while also helping to detoxify your skin, leaving it flawlessly clean.

    We start by making the hydrosol to ensure it’s as pure as possible. We take certified organic German chamomile flowers and use steam distillation to collect a simple hydrosol.

    German chamomile hydrosol is the companion to the essential oil of the same plant. Essential oils are the oil-based constituents of plants, while hydrosols contain the water-based constituents of plants. We choose to use hydrosol in this case as hydrosols are commonly more helpful for sensitive skin as they tend to be less concentrated than essential oils. Hydrosols are known to have similar properties to their essential oil companions and German chamomile hydrosol is no exception. German chamomile is traditionally known to be great for soothing many sensitive skin issues as it is typically regarded as an anti-inflammatory agent when used topically.

    We also use distilled water rather than tap water to minimize any residual agents in our household water supply and keep this mask as pure as possible.

    Bentonite clay is rich in silica which aids in skin regeneration by cleansing and detoxifying the skin.

    Activated charcoal is an adsorbing agent, meaning that it draws impurities out of the skin, working together with the aforementioned bentonite clay to help detoxify and cleanse your skin.

    For best use, we recommend using this mask 2 to 3 times a week. We always cleanse first with Island Ash Moisturizing Cleanser and follow up after this mask with Nourish Face & Body Cream for moisturizer.

    This is a traditional drying clay mask. It will lighten as it dries. Do not allow this mask to dry fully as allowing any drying clay mask to do so has the potential to over dry your skin. Always follow up with a moisturizer to replenish your skins natural oils and lipids.

    DIRECTIONS: Apply to clean, dry skin, prior to using any moisturizer product.

    Start with small amounts of mask and gently spread to cover the face in a thin layer. Be careful to avoid the eyes. Allow to dry but only until it is beginning to dry. The longer it dries the tighter it will feel, and the more potential moisture it may pull out of your skin. To remove, gently remoisten before wipe off the face. You should not need to scrub if it has been remoistened as scrubbing can aggravate the skin. Once all traces of darkness from the activated charcoal are gone then the mask has been fully removed, leaving you with beautifully clean skin.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional, just someone who is looking for natural alternatives for my own and my family’s well-being. We use all products that I make or I would not be willing to sell them.

    This product is not meant for internal consumption.

    Detoxifying Essence Mask and $1 donation

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