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    Since 2017:

    Each jar of oil cleanser purchased will have a $1 donation sent to Safe Home Animal Rescue in Des Moines, IA, which is an organization we foster animals through in our home while they await adoption and a permanent, loving home. If you wish to learn more about this organization, or make a separate donation, please visit


    Made from organic, unrefined USDA-certified organic coconut oil, USDA-certified organic tea tree oil, activated charcoal, and baking soda, this moisturizing cleanser is perfect for trouble skin of all skin types. Tea tree oil content is a 1% dilution so that it is less likely to produce a sensitization reaction.

    Each container has approximately 65 uses. At twice a day this is 32.5 days of use! ***Full usage instructions below.***

    If you are unfamiliar with oil cleansing, it helps rebalance your skin's natural oils to help promote clear skin. Coconut oil also has some great skin health qualities and has been shown to improve skin health. I have been using this cleanser for a almost two years now and have seen a marked decrease in blemishes after over 20 years of dealing with them and my skin looks much healthier as a whole. In fact, I've been told it looks younger!

    This product, though technically unscented, smells great due to the coconut oil and tea tree oil.

    My oldest daughter has been using this product as well and loves how clear it is making her skin. There were very large blemishes on her nose that were there for several years but we could not find any products to help get rid of them. Before resorting to intervention by a dermatologist we thought we would give oil cleansing with this product a try for 30 days to see how it would work. After 30 days, her blemishes were gone and her nose was back to being smooth like it should be.

    Now everyone in our household of four uses this product as their only skin cleansing product.

    Due to the nature of this product, I highly recommend using priority shipping, especially during times of the year where it may sit in high temperatures during transit.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a dermatologist, just someone with oily and problematic skin who has tried many things for myself (and now my children) over the years. This was the first thing with noticeable results.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a natural product made from unrefined coconut oil. As such, some settling of ingredients may occur. If product becomes too runny simply shake or stir well and place in refrigerator for a short time and it will solidify more. If it is in the refrigerator for too long and becomes too solid, let sit at room temperature for a short time so that it may soften. Because this product is oil-based and helps rebalance your skin's natural oil level it is important to note that your skin may go through an adjustment period of 7 to 30 days. It is recommended to not use other products during this adjustment period for best results.

    RECOMMENDED USE: Ideally this product is intended for twice per day use. However, your skin may need some time to adjust to this level. It is recommended to use pure, organic, unrefined coconut oil at the times you are not using this moisturizing cleanser so as not to upset the natural oils in your skin during the adjustment period.


    • Get a wash cloth wet with hot/warm water and wring out as much as possible. Then use it to "steam" your face to help open the pores but also to help pull the layer of dirt and any dead skin cells sitting on the surface.

    • Using about a ½ to 1 tsp of mixture, rub the mixture all around on the face for about a minute, then allow to remain on face for another minute or more.

    • To remove, wet the wash cloth with hot/warm water again and wring it out. Then use it to pull the oil mixture off the face until it's gone. Oil and water don't mix so if the washcloth is too wet it won't fully remove all residue. If face feels oily at all it's okay to do it again.

    Tea Tree Island Ash Moisturizing Cleanser and $1 donation - 100ml

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