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Soothing Calm Wand



Made from certified organic sunflower seed oil, certified organic lavender essential oil, and certified organic frankincense essential oil, this light and aromatic roller ball can help provide relief by giving you a scent to center and focus on to help ease anxious feelings. It also provides great support in mending a variety of skin issues.


Sunflower oil has a 0 rating in terms of comedogenic ratings. This means it will not clog your pores. It also penetrates your skin with oleic acid (omega-9 fatty acid) helping to maintain proper natural moisture levels, but it also has a thin viscosity and absorbs quickly so your skin is not left feeling greasy.


Lavender essential oil has a flowery scent, well known for its historical association with aiding calmness. Some people even report that lavender helps them fall asleep easier than without lavender. There are also reported uses that it helps aid in skin healing, especially with things like minor scrapes and cuts. This oil also has a thin viscosity, helping speed skin absorption.

Frankincense essential oil has a lightly sweet and fresh earthy smell. Historically Frankincense has been used to aid in skin healing and regeneration and occasionally has been used in remedies for respiratory ailments. As with the other oils in this wand, it has a thin viscosity as well.


I love to use this wand when I need to take a few seconds to refocus myself if I’m feeling somewhat anxious.  Lavender and frankincense essential oils combine to make a pleasing scent where neither component overpowers the other. Lavender has a myriad of historically assigned uses including help in speeding the healing of many skin issues, relieving migraines and headaches, anti-bacterial, anti-anxiety, even dizziness and nausea. Frankincense combines symbiotically to help enhance lavender’s qualities as well as to balance and complement the smell of lavender.


There is a small gap in the label at the back so you always know exactly how much you have left.



I am not a medical professional, just someone who is looking for natural alternatives for my own and my family’s well-being. We use all products that I make or I would not be willing to sell them.



Products made with essential oils are not meant to be shaken vigorously. Doing so may cause too many air bubbles to form and thus shorten its shelf life. All Refreshing Mint Wands are shipped in padded envelopes to minimize shipping agitation. The best way to ensure your product is fulling mixed is to gently roll it back-and-forth and side-to-side. All wands have a tiny air pocket at the top to allow for some gentle mixing in this manner.



Due to the lavender dilution rate, this product is recommended for persons 5 years and older.

Due to the frankincense dilution rate, this product is recommended for persons 5 years and older. If pregnant, this product is not intended for use during the 1st trimester.


This product is not meant for internal consumption as eucalyptus can be very toxic when taken internally. However, no essential oils should be used internally without guidance from a qualified aromatherapy practitioner.

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