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Uplifting Botanical Mask



Made from kaolin clay, bentonite clay, certified organic dried hibiscus and certified organic sunflower oil infused with certified organic hibiscus, this scrub mask provides gentle exfoliation while helping detoxify your skin and leaving it irresistibly soft.

Sunflower oil has a 0 rating in terms of comedogenic ratings. This means it will not clog your pores. It also penetrates your skin with oleic acid (omega-9 fatty acid) helping to maintain proper natural moisture levels, but it also has a thin viscosity and absorbs quickly so your skin is not left feeling greasy. The added infusion of hibiscus boosts this oil’s positive qualities as well. We allow the hibiscus to infuse through cold infusion for a minimum of 30 days before use.

Hibiscus has many excellent skincare properties, which is why we were so excited to include it in this mask.  Hibiscus contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). While synthetic sources can sometimes be harsh on skin, this natural source coming from the whole plant can help buffer against sensitivity issues for most people.  AHAs have the known potential to help diminish the effects of photodamaged skin and increase natural collagen production. Both of which can give the appearance of smoother, softer, and more even skin. Hibiscus also contains many naturally occurring antioxidants which can fight against aging signs as well as helping to lock in moisture and acting as an effective toner to rid your skin of excess oil while helping promote small pores.

Kaolin clay has a light and silky texture. It has a high silica content which aids in skin regeneration by cleansing and detoxifying the skin. Bentonite clay is slightly heavier which is why we’ve created a custom blend of the two clays to help offset the texture differences. Bentonite clay is also rich in silica and combines well with kaolin to help both work in tandem in this mask.

This mask is made from actual botanical parts and as such the highly pigmented flowers may stain clothing or other items. For best use, we recommend using this mask 2 to 3 times a week. We always cleanse first with Island Ash Moisturizing Cleanser and follow up after this mask with Nourish Face & Body Cream for moisturizer.

This is a scrub style mask. It will not dry completely.


Apply to clean, dry skin, prior to using any moisturizer product.

Start with small amounts of mask and buff into skin in a gentle circular motion.  The granular nature will act as a mild exfoliant.  Allow to remain on face for 10-20 minutes.  Remove with a clean, wet washcloth.  As this is oil-based, be sure to use a clean and well wrung out washcloth as a final wipe to remove any potential residue.  Follow up with a moisturizer of choice.


I am not a medical professional, just someone who is looking for natural alternatives for my own and my family’s well-being. We use all products that I make or I would not be willing to sell them.

This product is not meant for internal consumption.

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