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Floral Toner



Floral Toner is a blend of hydrosols made from scratch before being blended together to form the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Toners are ideally used right after cleansing to help finish ridding the skin of any remaining residue and/or dirt. Toners are also great to use right after the gym for a quick refresh. Just spray on a clean cotton pad and gently wipe across face.


Our Witchy Water variety of Floral Toner is a custom-created blend of witch hazel hydrosol, calendula hydrosol, and comfrey hydrosol. All are made from certified organic ingredients. Hydrosols are also known as floral waters. They are the water based constituents of a plant. We each hydrosol through steam distillation in small batches. Hydrosols offer similar benefits as the same essential oil of a plant but are much gentler and will not produce a sensitization reaction as essential oils have a small risk of happening.


Witch Hazel contains proanthocyanidin anti-oxidants, which are often regarded as more powerful than Vitamin C. Witch hazel is traditionally used to tone and tighten the skin while regulating the skin's oil production and soothing irritation. It also has traditional uses for its skin regenerative properties and has been a well-known anti-inflammatory botanical for generations. In fact, those anti-inflammatory properties make it a great choice for soothing irritation from shaving or to help provide sunburn relief.


Calendula is part of the marigold family and has been used traditionally for many years as an all-around first aid product use for soothing a variety of skin ailments. It too acts as an astringent to help control oil production and maintain balanced skin.


Comfrey has traditionally been called “knitbone” for its use in healing bone fractures or tendon damage. But it also has so many beneficial skin properties. Comfrey is a natural source of allantoin, which is an emollient agent that helps moisturize the skin and lock in moisture to reduce moisture loss. Not only that but allantoin is regarded as having anti-inflammatory properties and also soothes many painful skin issues like rashes or burns while helping to aid in the skin’s quick healing process. Additionally, the allantoin in comfrey helps soften keratin which helps aid the skin in cell turnover and to retain moisture better.


All these are combined to make an amazing addition to our Fade Regimen, but it's also perfect to use on its own.


I am not a medical professional, just someone who is looking for natural alternatives for my own and my family’s well-being. We use all products that I make or I would not be willing to sell them.

This product is not meant for internal consumption.

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